CCTV Survey – Overview

With our Water Training Industry approved engineers, qualified to the very highest standard in OS20X Pipe Sewer classification and OS21X Brick Sewer classification, you can be assured of receiving the very best of structural CCTV reports produced on the latest software of Wincan VX, which provides the client with the most up to date reports available.

Pushrod Camera Systems

We have at our disposal various Pushrod pipe, sewer inspection systems available to us. These range in size from 10mm to 150mm enabling us to survey via clients toilets or rain water gullies, thus reducing high costs encountered by having to either excavate or remove items just to enable access for a CCTV survey to be carried out.

Crawler Camera Systems

Our Crawler camera systems enable us to CCTV and inspect Drains, Sewers, Storm Water Culverts in fact anything circular or egg shape (Inc Brick Egg Sewers), from 100mm to 1200mm.

We have an impressive 200 meter of cable which allows us to survey large long lengths of up to 200mtrs from one set up in all manhole directions.

Above and beyond distances many of our closest competitors could achieve.

Sonar Tracing

In addition to our high quality CCTV reports, we can also Sonar Trace a drain or sewer.

This procedure is often carried out in unison with the Structural CCTV survey.

Basically this means that once one of our CCTV surveys records and highlights a structural defect or point of interest i.e. a buried manhole chamber, junction connection or a collapse. This allows us to Sonar Trace and mark the exact location above ground in addition to the invert level of the point of interest.

Sonar Tracing also allows us to carry out Drainage Mapping, this helps us locate and map the layout of existing services and where they run directly from and too.

This ultimately saves us and our clients a great amount of time and money should an excavation or exposure be required.