Preventative Maintenance

water jetting associationWith regards to maintenance of assets and drainage systems, this is something that many companies do not consider until there is an actual blockage or major problem, at which stage high costs could be encountered.

With a preventative ‘Maintenance Contract’ in place not only do you as a client have the peace of mind that assistance is only ever one phone call away, you also have the added comfort that your drainage systems large and small are being regularly cleaned, inspected and monitored by industry experts.

Typical examples of this would be an annual attendance to a clients regional retail park, emptying all associated rain water gullies, flushing and re-charging the system with fresh water, HPWJ all accessible drain lengths from associated manholes and inspection chambers.

Other examples range from assisting our larger clients such as BAE, BNFL, national schools and hospitals, industrial and commercial to name but a few.

Where we carry out removal of Septic Tank waste, heavy oils & Trade Effluent which are disposed of at a registered waste disposal centre with ‘Duty of Care’ under our Environment Agency Waste Carriers Licence.