LOVEmyBEACH Campaign

Acton Drainage are pleased to be working with the LOVEmyBEACH campaign, helping to promote the actions we can all take to have cleaner beaches and seas.


LOVEmyBEACH is a campaign across the North West inspiring people to help improve the cleanliness of the region’s bathing waters which are monitored for levels of harmful bacteria by the Environment Agency. All 31 of the North West’s bathing waters passed the tough standards this year, so when the bathing season begins in May people can be confident that the sea is safe to swim and paddle in.

However there’s still more to do to continue to improve sea water quality and achieve more Blue Flag Awards along the North West coast. Everyone can do their bit by looking after their drains at home and work by following some simple tips:

  • Only flush the 3 p’s – pee, poo and (toilet) paper! This reduces blockages in the pipes which means the sewer network flows smoothly and doesn’t overflow into rivers and the sea.
  • Collect used cooking fats and oil in an old jar or bottle (we call this a fat trap) and then bin them once cooled rather than pour them down the sink. You can even wipe the roasting tray or pan around with kitchen paper to stop any leftover food or oil from getting into the pipes and causing blockages.
  • Check your drains are connected properly by having a look at guidance on Connect Right website:

If you want to reduce the chance of blockages in your pipes and drains and help keep the beaches and seas clean too why not show your support by pledging to take these actions on the LOVEmyBEACH website? Make a pledge to Love Your Drains here:

Fylde’s LOVEmyBEACH Officer Emma Whitlock said of the partnership, “It’s great to have Acton Drainage on board helping us share our messages to a wider audience and people who may already have had problems with drain blockages. We want everyone to understand how they can play their part in keeping the beaches and seas clean, which is so crucial to the local economy and the health and wellbeing of people living in the North West of England.”

LOVEmyBEACH also organise beach clean up events across the North West coast, for more information check:

We are thrilled here at Acton to be part of a wonderful organisation, helping home and business owners understand the importance of maintaining their drainage systems. We have some beautiful beaches right on our doorstep along the Fylde Coast, we want to ensure these are kept clean to be enjoyed in the future.