Pitch Fibre Re-Rounding

Pitch fibre drainage were introduced in the late 1940’s and used throughout to the 1970’s. Pitch Fibre pipe was made from wood fibre mixed with coal tar and was considered a cheaper alternative to clay pipes. They had multiple benefits including being light weight and easy to handle.

Over time they reacted badly with different substances including oils, fat, hot water and detergents, which soften the pipe causing blisters, deformation and leaks. Another down fall to this material is that is only has the life expectancy of 40 years meaning that most of reached the end of their use and people have started to notice problems with their drainage system.

We can use specialist equipment to re-open deformed pipes by using a re-rounding pig & winch, this reshapes the pipe and allows us to install resin patch liners to strengthen the re-rounded pipe and seal any damages or cracks to ensure line is of a good structural integrity.